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What's the difference between Wild and Farm-Raised?

Farm raised fish is more common - fish is raised in a "farm" setting where the environment is more controlled. Wild fish is fish that is not raised in a controlled environment and found in the open sea.

Why are you closed on Sunday's and Monday's?

Rest and recharge! It's long hours owning your own business (no set vacation time, "sick" time, etc.) but having a few days off gives us time to relax after a long work week :)

Can I order speciality fish?

Definitely! We cannot guarantee our partners will have the inventory but call us 24-48 hours in advance and we will do our best to carry that speciality fish you're interested in!

Why does my fish shrink when I cook it?

Like all food, fish loses some weight when you cook it (Did you know a McDonald's quarter-pound burger is the pre-cooked weight?)

Can I make a reservation?

We do not offer reservations.

Do you offer delivery?

We do not offer delivery but we do offer take-out. Third-party delivery partners charge a premium and can't guarantee the quality of food during the delivery process.

Is your fish fresh?

We offer both fresh and frozen fish (Alaskan wild salmon can't make the trip to Boston without a little help from a deep freeze). To secure our fresh inventory, we travel to the Boston pier, daily!

How come your fish comes in different sizes?

Naturally, every fish is a different size and grows differently. We do cut our fish into portions to display in our case and do our best to keep them uniform. The size of the fish will not alter the taste and you will help us reduce waste by ordering fishes of different sizes :)

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